A game where you explore an infinite universe and befriend aliens.
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A game where you explore an infinite universe and befriend aliens. Tap or click the screen to move your ship. Keep an eye on your fuel meter around the outside edge!

Music is "somber beauty" by fwimmygoat.


  • behavior
    • more variety of behaviors in general
    • giving aliens more plants makes them more friendly
    • variety in movement types (like tadpoles, move in pulses)
    • different plants grow, and aliens like different types of plants
    • aliens react to other flocks
    • communication
      • aliens talk at you
      • their speech is decoded when you become friends
      • they tell you about their planet, their culture, their lives
    • colonial expansion (almost done, but very buggy)
      • when you give an alien a gift, they have the ability to colonize an empty planet
        • maybe one (random) alien becomes a 'queen' and explores nearby planets
      • that planet then becomes a homeworld for a new batch of aliens
    • some aliens are lone wanderers
    • some aliens glitch-phase in and out of existence
      • if you give them a gift, they drop something cool
  • gameplay
    • you can leave beacons to fast-travel back to that sector
    • you get a map or something at the end, showing planets you visited and aliens you befriended
    • keyboard controls
  • better performance
  • procedural soundtrack and/or sound effects