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Contributing involves two important activities: development and not being a jackass.

Be Nice

As contributors to a p5.js library, p5bots collaborators are expected to abide by the p5 Code of Conduct.

If you feel someone has violated this code or is otherwise making the community an unhappy place to be, please email Sarah at


Claiming a Task

If you'd like to contribute to p5bots developement, check out the issues or open your own to let us know what you want to work on.

Also, examples are always appreciated. See the examples repo for what we already have.


  1. Node.js
  2. Npm
  3. Git
  4. Grunt
  5. A microcontroller running Firmata

Getting Set Up

  1. Clone this repo: git clone
  2. Enter the directory and install dependencies with npm install
  3. Run grunt to build the files.
  4. Start the server with npm start, which will serve the src/p5bots-server/examples/index.html file on localhost:8000.
    4a. To learn how configure the server to run other files, run node src/p5bots-server/app.js --help.


In general, the build workflow for this app has been set up to be as similar to the main p5.js repo as possible. The Gruntfile has been annotated with an outline of the tasks. Running grunt from the command line will run them all.

As, the library's primary function is to pass messages between the client and the server, you will see that within the src/ directory, there are two, mostly-matching files structures. Files on the client side interact with p5.js and those on the server with the board, via the Javascript implementation of Firmata. Both communicate with one another via


Client-side files can be tested with grunt test. Additional test files can be added in test/unit/client and the path should then be added in test/test.html and test/test-minified.html.

Server-side integrations can only be tested manually for now, by following the instructions in the p5bots-server README. But don't worry, there's an issue for that.


Documentation is automatically generated from comments using JSDoc. I recommend installing DocBlockr if you use Sublime.

Insufficiently documented PRs will not be accepted. If you are adding functionality, you should also include an example at the very least, in addition to API documentation. If it is complex, a tutorial would go a long way.