Final group project for UI design course.
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Final Group Project User Interface Design (COMS W4170) Columbia University

Group Members

  • Lauren Zou
  • Kristie Howard
  • Sarah Green
  • Tom Segarra



In order to maintain a readable and consistent CSS structure, we are using LESS, which allows us to use variables and mixins. We are also using Autoprefixer to help with cross-browser compatibility. Our development process uses NodeJS to compile our LESS into CSS and prefix the CSS using Autoprefixer. The node packages that we're using are:

  • autoprefixer-core
  • less
  • node-watch
  • q

The node-watch package is used for listening for changes in LESS files, and the q package is used for defers in the compile.js code.

We're using Moment.js for easily creating timestamps for the Amazon API. We're using sha2.js to encode the signature.

We're using Clamp.js for truncated multiple lines of text.


  • Install NodeJS if it is not already installed
  • Install all the required packages (only need to be done once): npm install q node-watch less autoprefixer-core
  • Run the compile.js in order to start listening for changes in the LESS files: node compile.js