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Designers: Sarah Anderson, Tiffany Monroe, Jennifer Schumann

Heroku Live Site:


  • You like to travel and you like to read. Welcome to Travel Books, where you can keep a private, online journal of all of your travels and travel reading! Created in a five day sprint.

  • Travel Books is a single-page, full CRUD, session based app with MVC file organization and serves a JSON API

Technologies Used:

Adobe XD, Ruby, Rails, Postgresql, JWT Auth, Angular, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Postman

Project Planning:

  • Utilized SCRUM strategies with Trello, ZOOM, Slack, Git, & Collegial support

User Stories:

  • Users can create, edit, and delete an account with added posts which act as a journal for reading and travel adventures. Users can add books and destinations


For Future Enhancement:

  • Update website name for user appeal

  • When user updates their profile, they should see their updated profile info immediately

  • Modify login to a click once event

  • Verify that user can only see their books and destinations

  • User can draft journal entries tied to individual books and destinations added

  • Integrate third party API for books and destinations

  • User can share posts about reads or destinations to Twitter &/or Facebook

  • Update CORS access

  • Update one-to-many to many-to-many

For Future Reference:

Trello board:

Growth & Achievements:

  • Sarah Anderson: Modals, Book CR, Postgresql database management, Front-end Github management, Front-end JWT Auth, TDD, Trouble-shooting, Wireframe

  • Tiffany Monroe: Modals, Destinations CR, Angular magic, Bootstrap, CSS, Back-end Github management, 3rd party API research, TDD, Trouble-shooting

  • Jen Schumann: Back-end JWT Auth, SCRUM butt, User stories, User CRU(D-Sarah), CORS, TDD, Trouble-shooting


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