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A website based on a strength training anatomy book I have. Text taken from Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier

User stories

User will see a sample of workouts on the home page*

User will need to create an account to see more exercises/workouts*

User will be able to click on muscles/muscle groups to see which exercises strengthen them - muscle/muscle group tab, exercises tab

User will be able to click on an item in a list of exercises to see which body part(s) they strengthen

User can choose from a 15-20 minute workout or 30-60 minute workout and will receive a generated workout*

User can choose a workout focusing on chest/back, legs, core, etc*

User will be able to save exercises(s) to their account

There is an admin account that can create, edit and delete muscles and exercises as well as create and delete groups

MVP features

Ruby on Rails project

Database will include muscles/muscle groups, exercises

Stretch goals

Able to share via social media

User can create their own workout by choosing exercises

Add a stopwatch function

Add an image of the human body with 'hot spots' that will take user to various exercises that correspond with that part of the body (instead of via a list)

List of equipment needed

Known bugs

Cannot delete user if exercises are saved under that user

Need to make it possible for user to delete saved exercises

End of project reflections/improvements to be made

I'm able to delete an exercise/muscle in local host but not in the Heroku site(?) so will be updating that

I was able to set up users being able to add exercises to their profiles. Once I get the workout generator functionality working, they will be able to add those to their profiles

I will add pictures of exercises. Just ran out of time on that one

  • Will be adding these with future enhancements

Dev time

As of 9/26 - 96 hours

3/28/18 - updated background to enable faster loading

3/29/18 - updated to Bootstrap 4 and updated muscle and exercise listing (4 hours)

3/30/18 - updated exercise and muscles page (1 hour)

4/9/2018 - updated muscle group rendering (.25 hour)

4/17/2018 - pushed to heroku (live site)


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