Add bot usernames for rails/rails #19

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Many github communities use bots to suggest reviewers, do automated testing, and more.

foss-heartbeat breaks bots into a separate category in the html contribution statistics, by checking for the username in getBots in

Additionally, if a bot merges a commit after being issued a command in a pull request comment, appendReviewers in will attribute the merge to that person, as well as to the bot. Currently, we check for a specific command string at the beginning of the comment. If your test-and-merge bot accepts commands in the middle of a comment, please update the code.

sgrif commented Nov 18, 2016

We have two bots that are used. Only one is relevant to your study. The username is It is a fork of rust-highfive. The second bot is responsible for closing issues that have been without activity for several months. It appears under the same username.

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