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DKMS Module Howto:
A number of modern distros (Ubuntu, Fedora and others) can use DKMS to help sensibly manage building
and maintaining additional third party kernel modules.
I've added some simple DKMS configs for flashcache to make building and managing it a little less painful.
The dirt quick way to get this working on Ubuntu 10.04 is as follows, and should be similar for any other
distro supporting DKMS:
1. Symlink the flashcache and/or flashcache-wt source directories into /usr/src so DKMS can find them:
cd /usr/src
sudo ln -s /path/to/flashcache/src flashcache-0.1
sudo ln -s /path/to/flashcache-wt/src flashcache-0.1
2. Add them to DKMS:
sudo dkms add -m flashcache -v 0.1
sudo dkms add -m flashcache-wt -v 0.1
3. Build and install the modules using DKMS:
sudo dkms build -m flashcache -v 0.1 && sudo dkms install -m flashcache -v 0.1
sudo dkms build -m flashcache-wt -v 0.1 && sudo dkms install -m flashcache-wt -v 0.1
Note that this won't install the utils you need to create the flashcache devices, you still
have to build and install those separately.
- Graeme Humphries <>