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Check spelling of your text layers directly from Sketch. Just run the plugin once. The plugin is using OSX's own dictionary to check for spelling mistakes.

alt text


  1. Download this plugin
  2. Double click the plugin file to automatically install
  3. The shortcut should now be available under the Plugin's menu in Sketch


  1. Make a selection anywhere on the Sketch file you wish to check for spelling mistakes.
  2. Run Spelling Check from the Plugin's menu or run (ctrl shift g)
  3. The text with wrong spellings will be highlighted with a red color.

Next steps

  1. I'm working on a way to add another fill color to the wrongly spelt text layers, without overwriting the existing style.
  2. Show suggestions for the wrongly spelt words.
  3. Auto-correct some of the wrongly spelt words.


Saransh : @SaranshSolanki