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Sketch Translate

Translate your artboards to different languages. Directly from your Sketch file.

alt text

This plugin uses the FREE Yandex Translate Api. Create your own key in less than 2 mins from here

You can translate an artboard, group or even a text-layer depending on your needs.


  1. Download this plugin
  2. Double click the plugin file to automatically install
  3. The shortcut should now be available under the Plugin's menu in Sketch


Get your Yandex Api

You can get your own free Yandex Api key from here

List of supported languages.

Enter the language codes in the plugin. alt text


  1. Arabic : ctrl + shift + a (translates from English to Arabic)
  2. Chinese : ctrl + shift + c (translates from English to Chinese)
  3. German : ctrl + shift + g (translates from English to German)
  4. Hindi : ctrl + shift + h (translates from English to Hindi)
  5. Korean : ctrl + shift + k (translates from English to Korean)
  6. Portugese : ctrl + shift + p (translates from English to Portugese)
  7. Russian : ctrl + shift + r (translates from English to Russian)
  8. Spanish : ctrl + shift + s (translates from English to Spanish)
  9. Other languages : ctrl + shift + x (translates within 90+ custom languages)
  10. Setup Yandex API Key : ctrl + shift + y

How to use

Select an artboard, group, symbol, or text-layer which you wish to translate. Artboard translation creates a new artboard with the changes.

Like it?

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Saransh : @SaranshSolanki

MIT © @saranshsolanki