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Create your own icon library

Managing icons in a big team can be messy. Providing a style guide doesn't suffice. A library is thus needed for all icons used across your team.

Here is an example with "Material Design icons" in black and white.

How to use :

1. Draw a rectangle
2. Run the plugin from the Plugins menu or "cmd+shift+m"
3. Type the name of the icon (if there is a space between words, replace with "_")
4. Choose the color
5. Tadaaa

How to customize the plugin :

1. Export all the icons you use in all colors needed. Make sure you export them at ~3x the size you usually use in your artboards. Make different folders for different colors. And export icons with name as "ic_layername.png".
2. Go to Plugins Menu -> Manage Plugins...
3. Click the "gear" icon at the bottom -> "Show Plugins Folder"
4. Right Click "Icon Library" -> "Show package contents"
5. Go to Content -> Resources
6. Replace the icons you made in this folder
7. Open "script.cocoascript" in any text editor
8. Edit the function at line 82 with the folders you have.
9. Tadaaa

This plugin uses pngs instead of svgs which is useful for teams which have a set of icons and want quick access and remove the chance of duplications of icons.

Download iconfetcher.sketchplugin.
Unzip the archive
Double-click the .sketchplugin file to install it