A demo project for teaching PyLadiesATX's Intro to Django workshop.
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"Recipe Minder": A Workshop Project

This is a demo project used for teaching PyLadiesATX's Intro to Django workshop. At the original PyLadiesATX workshop, students followed the process outlined by the commits in this repository to incrementally build their own "Recipe Minder" applications.

Note: this project uses Django 1.8+.

Using this project to learn on your own

This project may be used in conjunction with the workshop slides (linked below), or by checking out one commit at a time, starting with the initial commit. Before getting started, you'll want to have the following prerequisites installed & configured on your local machine:

  • Python (2.7, or 3.4+)
  • virtualenv
  • pip
  • git
  • sqlite

Once you're ready to start, follow the slides at http://saras.link/introdjango to build your own Recipe Minder app. The slides link to commits in this repo, so you'll be referring to the code found here as you progress.

Reproducing the workshop format

The PyLadiesATX workshop was given in two parts: a 2-hour weekday evening session, followed by an all-day Saturday session.

First Session

The first session was used to give an overview of how the web works, and where a framework like Django fit in the big picture. Following the overview, most of the first session's time was used to set up development environments on students' laptops. Slides for the first session are available online.

Second Session

The second, all-day workshop session included about 6 hours of instruction, plus periodic Q&A breaks and a lunch hour. The content for this second session can be found at the slides available here.