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import shapefile
import json
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def features(data, filter=None):
""" Reads a given shapefile and returns its features (records) in
geoJSON-like format. If a filter is given, all fields not included
in the filter will be dropped from output.
data: path to shapefile
filter: list of specific field names to include (default None)
sf = shapefile.Reader(data)
fields = sf.fields[1:] # sf.fields[0] == deletion flag
field_names = [field[0] for field in fields]
# validate geometries - dump bad/null geoms
# some null geometries still return [invalid] coords - not (0,0)
for r in sf.shapeRecords():
coords = r.shape.__geo_interface__['coordinates']
logger.debug("%r %r", type(coords), coords)
if coords == (0, 0):
all_attr = dict(zip(field_names, r.record))
if filter:
attr = {field: all_attr[field] for field in filter}
attr = all_attr
geom = r.shape.__geo_interface__
yield dict(type="Feature", geometry=geom, properties=attr)
if __name__ == "__main__":
shp = "data/gazetteer"
filter_fields = ["NAME", "CLASS"]
museums = []
spatial_records = features(shp, filter_fields)
for rec in spatial_records:
# filter out only features that show museum locations
if rec['properties']['CLASS'].lower() == "museum":
geojsonized = dict(type="FeatureCollection", features=museums)
with open("museums.json", "w") as f: