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Year Picker jQuery plugin
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YearPicker.js is a lightweight yet configurable year picker for jQuery that makes it easy to select a year from a popup similar to the date picker.

Add the class yearpicker

<input type="text" class="yearpicker" value="">

How do use yearpicker


All default options to customize the year picker


  // Auto Hide
  autoHide: true,

  // Initial Year
  year: null,

  // Start Year
  startYear: null,

  // End Year
  endYear: null,

  // Element tag
  itemTag: 'li',

  // Default CSS classes
  selectedClass: 'selected',
  disabledClass: 'disabled',
  hideClass: 'hide',
  highlightedClass: 'highlighted',

  // Custom template
  template: `<div class="yearpicker-container">
              <div class="yearpicker-header">
                  <div class="yearpicker-prev" data-view="yearpicker-prev">&lsaquo;</div>
                  <div class="yearpicker-current" data-view="yearpicker-current">SelectedYear</div>
                  <div class="yearpicker-next" data-view="yearpicker-next">&rsaquo;</div>
              <div class="yearpicker-body">
                  <ul class="yearpicker-year" data-view="years">
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