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Learn AWS by building simple projects
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Learn aws by building simple projects

Project Webotron

This project will help us to upload a local directory to s3 bucket and configure Route 53 and cloudfront. You can possibly use this to deploy a single page app to s3 and make it accessible to users


  • List buckets
  • List files in a particular bucket
  • Setup bucket for deployment
  • Sync directory tree
  • Set aws profile with --profile=profile-name
  • Allow skipping files from sycing when etags match
    • dd if=/dev/urandom of=kitten_web/bigfile.bin bs=1m count=10
  • Now can deploy a site with CDN and SSL enabled

Slack App for quick image resize

This is a simple slack app which will help you simplify you image resize workflow without ever leaving slack. The app is built in Serverless framework so even got a chance to learn that framework and start using it.

Demo :


  • Add menu/actions to any messages that include and image
  • /slash command for resizing to a size and url

AWS Features Learnt

  • AWS S3
  • Route 53 & AWS Certificate Manager
  • Cloudfront
  • AWS Lambda
  • API Gateway
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