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Heroku Bartender

Is a simple way to manage releases in heroku

How to bartender


    gem install heroku-bartender




Server options:

    -h, --host=HOST              The hostname or ip of the host to bind to (default
    -p, --port=PORT              The port to listen on (default 4567)
    -t, --target=TARGET          The target is the git remote in which you want to deploy (default heroku)
    --user=USER                  The user to login using HTTP Basic Auth
    --password=PASSWORD          The password to login using HTTP Basic Auth
    --commits-per-page           The maximun number of commits that you want to see in each page

For now you must run heroku-bartender inside your repo dir

Specifying a Pre-Deploy Command

You can specify a command to run before deployment.

git config --add remote.master.predeploy "rake test"


  1. You can rollback your heroku app to a specific commit hash
  2. You can secure your heroku-bartender server using HTTP Basic Auth
  3. You can use a custom heroku remote target to deploy your app
  4. Shows red/yellow/green status for deploys (red: fail, green: ok, yellow: unknow problem)
  5. Shows dates for deployed versions
  6. Shows colors/status for old deployed versions (only the versions that are deployed from the start)
  7. Sandbox your code with the specific version when you need to run predeploy commands


  1. Keep the repo up-to-date
  2. Handle branches/tags
  3. DB Rollback
  4. Integration with CI servers



Waiting the predeploy command


Special Thanks go out to:

  • for let me use 'office' hours to work in this project
  • @abuiles for the super-cool-name
  • @febuiles for the design