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@reszelaz reszelaz released this 18 Sep 09:13
· 387 commits to master since this release

We are happy to announce the release of Sardana 3.0.3.

IMPORTANT: This release is the first one supporting Python 3 only and is backwards incompatible. If you are already a Sardana user you will need to migrate your system before using this version.

New features

  • The showscan online widget for live scan preview was migrated to use pyqtgraph library and now supports multi-plot organization, performs better with fast scans and comes with nice curve colors and symbols.
  • A new way of configuring experiments, based on the experiment configuration macros, was added (previously only available from the expconf widget.
  • MeasurementGroup configuration programmatic API was added. So, for example, you can now easily set/get: enabled, output, plot type, plot axes, timer, monitor, synchronizer, value ref enabled, value ref pattern configuration parameters in your macros.
  • Automatic scan statistics calculation can now be optionally enabled. Based on the calculation result you can now move the scanned motor with the pic and cen macros what may be useful during the alignments.
  • PoolMotorTV widget was improved:
    • configurations: expert view and write mode (relative or absolute) are permanently stored in the TaurusGUI settings
    • limit switches indicators are now labels instead of buttons in order to avoid confusion
  • PoolChannelTV widget was improved so you can execute experimental channel acquisition from it.
  • Experimental: QtSpock widget was added and allows to embed the Spock withing Qt application.
  • Additional debug information are now available in the following two occassions:
  • You can consult the rest of new features in CHANGELOG

Bug fixes

  • Second Ctrl+c does not hang the Spock session but now properly aborts the macro execution
  • Scans are now more robust in terms of failures and hangs
  • Macro parameter default values are filled in macroexecutor
  • Added/removed macros are correctlly updated in macroexecutor and sequencer at runtime
  • The majority of Taurus deprecated code was removed and deprecation messages does not pollute the console output anymore
  • Macro functions which define results now really report the result
  • Use of env and hints in macro function decorator works now
  • Reset pending operations of absolute movement on switching to relative movement to avoid erroneous movement when applying the form
  • Avoid Taurus GUI slowness on startup and changing of perspectives due to too large macroexecutor history by limitting it to 100 (configurable)
  • Optimize OutputBlock view option when macros produce outputs at high rate
  • showscan online shows only the online trend and not erroneously online and offline
  • timescan with referable channels works now
  • Environment variables validation before macro execution when these are defined on door's or macro's level
  • Measurement groups renaming with renameelem macro
  • macroexecutor correctly loads macro combo box if it was started with server down and server started afterwards
  • Controller's StateOne() may now return only state
  • Fix problems with non-timerable channels in expconf
  • Allow MacroButton widget to be smaller - now minimum size is to show the macro name
  • Macro modules with annotated functions are properly interpreted by the MacroServer
  • Avoid repeating of positions when regscan, reg2scan and reg3scan pass through start position(s)
  • You can consult the rest of bug fixes in CHANGELOG

More information

To try this release please follow this installation guide.

The documentation is available at:

For a detailed list of changes, see the CHANGELOG and the Jul20 milestone closed issues.

If you encounter problems installing or running this release, or have any question, don't hesitate to report it as a new issue.