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libgwater provides several GSources to integrate various events to the GLib main loop.

Composition of a GSource

Each GSource is composed of three parts:

  • An m4 macro for Autoconf: GW_CHECK_<SOURCE_NAME> It takes two optional arguments:

    1. Additionnal pkg-config packages to check
    2. Additionnal headers to check
  • A snippet for Automake: libgwater/<source-name>.mk

    You have to include it in your It defines two variables:

    • GW_<SOURCE_NAME>_CFLAGS: contains all the needed CFLAGS (including those from the pkg-config packages you passed to the m4 macro)
    • GW_<SOURCE_NAME>_LIBS: contains all the needed LIBS (including those from the pkg-config packages you passed to the m4 macro)

    This snippet is using Automake 1.14 features and Libtool. If you do not use both in your project, you need to adapt and ship it in your project.

  • A really basic API:

    • A GWater<SourceName>Source opaque struct
    • One or more g_water_<source_name>_source_new() constructor for said struct
    • One free function g_water_<source_name>_source_free()
    • Usually a getter, to access the underlaying struct used by the communication library

Non-Autotools setup are not covered upstream but should be easy enough to use.

Example usage of XCB GSource

  1. Create your project with Autotools files

  2. Add libgwater as a Git submodule

    git submodule add
  3. Add the m4 macro call to your (with an additionnal package, xcb-util)

  4. Make sure aclocal will find the m4 file by adding the directory to ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS in your

  5. Include the snippet

    include $(top_srcdir)/libgwater/
  6. Use the variables

    xcb_example_client_SOURCES = client.c
    xcb_example_client_CFLAGS = $(GW_XCB_CFLAGS)
    xcb_example_client_LDADD = $(GW_XCB_LIBS)
  7. Use the GSource in your client.c

    #include <glib.h>
    #include <libgwater-xcb.h>
    callback(xcb_generic_event_t *event, gpointer user_data)
        if ( event == NULL )
            /* Error occured */
            return FALSE;
        return TRUE;
        GWaterXcbSource *source;
        GMainLoop *loop;
        loop = g_main_loop_new(NULL, FALSE);
        source = g_water_xcb_source_new(NULL, NULL, NULL, callback, NULL, NULL);
        return 0;


  • Common dependencies
    • GLib 2.36 (or newer)
  • Wayland source
    • libwayland 1.1.91 (or newer)
  • XCB source
    • libxcb
  • MPD source
    • libmpdclient2
  • ALSA Mixer source
    • alsa-lib
  • Netlink protocol source
    • libnl-3.0
  • Windows source
    • Windows.h


libgwater is licenced under the terms of the MIT license

Author / Contact

Morgane “Sardem FF7” Glidic ( — My other Free Software projects