Sardinesrb is a Ruby meetup in Lisbon.
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sardines.rb is a meetup in Lisbon, focused on the ecosystem of the Ruby programming language (e.g. tools, frameworks, best practices, libraries, languages).

Our goal is to create a welcoming environment where Ruby enthusiasts can meet and exchange what they know, what they are experimenting with and what they are thrilled about.

Format: 2 talks, 20min each, 15min of discussion per talk.

Past Meetups

Meetup #3

When: Tuesday, 28th of September, 19:00

Where: Beta-i, Av. Casal Ribeiro 28, Lisboa, Portugal


  1. Sérgio Freire, topic: Testing Fiber Optics with Ruby, presentation

  2. Tadas Ščerbinskas, topic: Can you trust your tests?, presentation

Sponsors: Onfido (catering), Beta-i (location)

Meetup #2

When: Tuesday, 28th of June, 19:00

Where: IDEIAhub, Av. D. Joao II Nº35 11ºA, Lisboa, Portugal


  1. Duarte Henriques, topic: Automated Testing Challenges, presentation

  2. Paulo Pereira, topic: Development is Production, presentation

Sponsors: Equal Experts (catering), IDEIAhub (location)

Meetup #1

When: Tuesday, 26th of April, 19:30

Where: LINNK, Rua Braamcamp 88, 5ºEsq. 1250-052 Lisboa Portugal


  1. João Soares, topic: database multitenancy in Ruby, presentation
  2. José Duarte, topic: hanami, presentation

Sponsors: Seedrs (catering), meta. (location)



  • We are always looking for beer, drinks, snacks and food for the meetups. If you are able to sponsor please reach out to us through this repo by opening a issue with the prefix "SPONSOR: "


  • If you have a Venue available to host a meetup, please do share! Open a issue in this repo with the prefix "VENUE: ".


  • If you are interested in giving a talk at the meetup or have a topic proposal feel free to open an issue with the prefix "TALK: ".


  • Bernardo Simões - @golfadas
  • Mário Nzualo - @marionzualo