Django autocompletion for taggit, M2M and FK fields
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This app extends django-taggit with an autocomplete field provided by the awesome jQuery's TextExt plugin (

Using it

  1. Add to

        # ...
  2. Add to URLs:

    url(r'^admin/autocomplete/', include('autocomplete')),
  3. Add to your models:

    from django.db import models
    from autocomplete.managers import TaggableManager
    class Page(models.Model):
        # ...
        tags = TaggableManager()
  4. If you want to use autocomplete field out of the admin make sure you make the the grappelli jquery namespace avaible in your template

    var django = {
      "jQuery": jQuery.noConflict()
  5. Enjoy a sane tagging widget on the admin

This package includes a slightly modified copy of the TextExt plugin to work smooth with Grappelli, but you can serve your own by setting AUTOCOMPLETE_JS_PATH on

This app is based off: