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Competitive Pokemon battle simulator.
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pokebattle-sim Build Status

A competitive Pokemon battle simulator playable in the browser.

Set up


git clone git://
cd pokebattle-sim
npm install

Next, you need to install two dependencies: redis and PostgreSQL 9.1.


On Mac OS X with homebrew, you can do:

brew install redis

On Windows, there is a Redis port that works fairly well:


PostgreSQL has installable versions for every major OS. In particular, for Mac OS X, there is

When you install PostgreSQL, you should create a database for pokebattle, called pokebattle_sim. You can do this two ways:

# command-line:
$ createdb pokebattle_sim

# or via SQL client:
CREATE DATABASE pokebattle_sim;

Next, you must migrate the database. Simply run:

npm install -g knex
knex migrate:latest

If you get an error complaining that the postgres role doesn't exist, run this: createuser -s -r postgres.

Run server

We use Grunt to handle our development. First, you must npm install -g grunt-cli to get the grunt runner. Then you can type


to automatically compile all client-side files and run nodemon for you.

We also support Vagrant if you are on a Windows machine and so desire.

Run tests

npm test
# or
npm install -g mocha

Or if you're in the Vagrant VM, you can just run



First, you must get SSH access to the server. Then, to deploy:

cap staging deploy
# test on staging
cap production deploy


pokebattle-sim is a one-page app. The server serves the client.

api/             Hosts the code for the API that we host.
client/          Main client code. Contains JS and CSS.
config/          For Capistrano and deployment.
public/          Public-facing dir. Generated files, fonts, images.
server/          Server, battle, move, Pokemon logic, etc.
shared/          Files shared between server and client.
test/            Automated tests for server and client.
views/           All views that are rendered server-side go here. Contains all tasks for pokebattle-sim, like compiling.
start.js         The main entry point of pokebattle-sim.


All contributions to the simulator logic must come with tests. If a contribution does not come with a test that fails before your contribution and passes after, your contribution will be rejected.

Other contributions (e.g. to the client) are much less strict!


Report issues in GitHub's issue tracker.

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