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import inspect
import sys
import socket
import string
import re
import os
import threads
class Bot(object):
def __init__(self, host, **kwargs):
Initializes a new pyrc.Bot.
nick = "PyrcBot" if self.__class__ == Bot else self.__class__.__name__
password = os.environ.get('PASSWORD', None)
self.config = dict(kwargs)
self.config.setdefault('host', host)
self.config.setdefault('port', 6667)
self.config.setdefault('nick', nick)
self.config.setdefault('names', [self.config['nick']])
self.config.setdefault('ident', nick.lower())
self.config.setdefault('realname', "A Pyrc Bot")
self.config.setdefault('channels', [])
self.config.setdefault('password', password)
self.config.setdefault('break_on_match', True)
self.config.setdefault('verbose', True)
self.config.setdefault('prefix', '%')
self._inbuffer = ""
self._commands = []
self._privmsgs = []
self._threads = []
self.socket = None
self.initialized = False
self.listeners = {}
# init funcs
def connect(self):
Connects to the IRC server with the options defined in `config`
except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit):
def close(self):
for thread in self._threads:
def _listen(self):
Constantly listens to the input from the server. Since the messages come
in pieces, we wait until we receive 1 or more full lines to start parsing.
A new line is defined as ending in \r\n in the RFC, but some servers
separate by \n. This script takes care of both.
while True:
self._inbuffer = self._inbuffer + self.socket.recv(1024)
# Some IRC servers disregard the RFC and split lines by \n rather than \r\n.
temp = self._inbuffer.split("\n")
self._inbuffer = temp.pop()
for line in temp:
# Strip \r from \r\n for RFC-compliant IRC servers.
line = line.rstrip('\r')
if self.config['verbose']: print line
def _run_listeners(self, line):
Each listener's associated regular expression is matched against raw IRC
input. If there is a match, the listener's associated function is called
with all the regular expression's matched subgroups.
for regex, callbacks in self.listeners.iteritems():
match = regex.match(line)
if not match:
for callback in callbacks:
def _addhooks(self):
for func in self.__class__.__dict__.values():
if callable(func) and hasattr(func, '_type'):
if func._type == 'COMMAND':
elif func._type == 'PRIVMSG':
elif func._type == 'REPEAT':
thread = threads.JobThread(func, self)
raise "This is not a type I've ever heard of."
def _receivemessage(self, target, sender, message):
message = message.strip()
to_continue = True
if target.startswith("#"):
suffix = self._strip_prefix(message)
if suffix:
to_continue = self._parsefuncs(target, sender, suffix, self._commands)
else: # if it's not a channel, there's no need to use a prefix or highlight the bot's nick
to_continue = self._parsefuncs(target, sender, message, self._commands)
# if no command was executed
if to_continue:
to_continue = self._parsefuncs(target, sender, message, self._privmsgs)
def _parsefuncs(self, target, sender, message, funcs):
for func in funcs:
match =
if match:
group_dict = match.groupdict()
groups = match.groups()
if group_dict and (len(groups) > len(group_dict)):
# match.groups() also returns named parameters
raise "You cannot use both named and unnamed parameters"
elif group_dict:
func(self, target, sender, **group_dict)
func(self, target, sender, *groups)
if self.config['break_on_match']: return False
return True
def _strip_prefix(self, message):
Checks if the bot was called by a user.
Returns the suffix if so.
Prefixes include the bot's nick as well as a set symbol.
if not hasattr(self, "name_regex"):
regex example:
names = [BotA, BotB]
prefix = %
names = self.config['names']
prefix = self.config['prefix']
name_regex_str = r'^(?:(?:(%s)[,:]?\s+)|%s)(.+)$' % (re.escape("|".join(names)), prefix)
self.name_regex = re.compile(name_regex_str, re.IGNORECASE)
search =
if search:
return search.groups()[1]
return None
def _connect(self):
"Connects a socket to the server using options defined in `config`."
self.socket = socket.socket()
self.socket.connect((self.config['host'], self.config['port']))
self.cmd("NICK %s" % self.config['nick'])
self.cmd("USER %s %s bla :%s" %
(self.config['ident'], self.config['host'], self.config['realname']))
def cmd(self, raw_line):
if self.config['verbose']: print "> %s" % raw_line
self.socket.send(raw_line + "\r\n")
# Higher level interfaces
def join(self, *channels):
"High level interface to joining channels."
self.cmd('JOIN %s' % (' '.join(channels)))
def part(self, *channels):
"High level interface to joining channels."
self.cmd('PART %s' % (' '.join(channels)))
def message(self, recipient, s):
"High level interface to sending an IRC message."
self.cmd("PRIVMSG %s :%s" % (recipient, s))
def _add_listeners(self):
self._add_listener(r'^:\S+ 433 .*', self._change_nick)
self._add_listener(r'^PING :(.*)', self._ping)
self._add_listener(r'^:(\S+)!\S+ PRIVMSG (\S+) :(.*)', self._privmsg)
self._add_listener(r'^:(\S+)!\S+ INVITE \S+ :?(.*)', self._invite)
self._add_listener(r'^\S+ MODE %s :\+([a-zA-Z]+)' % self.config['nick'],
def _add_listener(self, regex, func):
array = self.listeners.setdefault(re.compile(regex), [])
# Default listeners
def _change_nick(self):
self.config["nick"] += "_"
self.cmd("NICK %s" % self.config["nick"])
def _ping(self, host):
self.cmd("PONG :%s" % host)
def _privmsg(self, sender, target, message):
self._receivemessage(target, sender, message)
def _invite(self, inviter, channel):
def _mode(self, modes):
if 'i' in modes and self._should_autoident():
self.cmd("PRIVMSG NickServ :identify %s" % self.config['password'])
# Initialize (join rooms and start threads) if the bot is not
# auto-identifying, or has just identified.
if ('r' in modes or not self._should_autoident()) and not self.initialized:
self.initialized = True
if self.config['channels']:
# TODO: This doesn't ensure that threads run at the right time, e.g.
# after the bot has joined every channel it needs to.
for thread in self._threads:
def _should_autoident(self):
return self.config['password']
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