Simple laravel package to backup/restore files and database.
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Laravel BackupManager

Simple laravel package to backup/restore files and database.


Main Window


  • PHP >= 5.6
  • Laravel 5
  • mysql (to restore database)
  • mysqldump (to backup database)
  • tar (to backup/restore files)
  • zcat (to extract database archive)


Via Composer

$ composer require sarfraznawaz2005/backupmanager

For Laravel < 5.5:

Add Service Provider to config/app.php in providers section:


(Optional) Add Facade to config/app.php in aliases section:

'BackupManager' => Sarfraznawaz2005\BackupManager\Facades\BackupManager::class,

Publish package's files by running below command:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Sarfraznawaz2005\BackupManager\ServiceProvider"

It should publish config/backupmanager.php.php config file and migration file.

Run php artisan migrate to create backup verifier (verifybackup)) table.

Finally setup options in config/backupmanager.php file and open the backup manager at url you have specified in route option eg http//, you should now see interface of BackupManager.

See config/backupmanager.php file for more information about backup settings.

Setting Up Automatic Backups

To setup automatic backups, place following in app/Console/Kernel.php file:


Although packages provides GUI interface to manage backups, following commands are also available:

  backupmanager:create                  Creates backup of files and/or database.
  backupmanager:list                    Shows list of backups taken.
  backupmanager:restore                 Restores a backup already taken.



Please see the license file for more information.