Laravel package to dump all running queries on the page.
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Laravel QueryDumper

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Simple Laravel 5 package to dump all running queries on the page. If it's SELECT query, it will also show EXPLAIN information against it.


Main Window


  • PHP >= 5.6
  • Laravel 5 (tested on Laravel 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4)


Install via composer

composer require sarfraznawaz2005/querydumper

Add Service Provider to config/app.php in providers section


Run php artisan vendor:publish to publish package's config file. You should now have querydumper.php file published in app/config folder.

Config Options

  • enabled : Enable or disable QueryDumper. By default it is disabled. If you are on local environment, you can also just add QUERYDUMPER=true to env file to enable it.
  • querystring_name : Whatever value for this config is set, you will be able to see all running quries by appending this value in your url as query string. Example: Default value is qqq.
  • format_sql : If true, it will also format shown SQL queries. Default false.
  • same_page : If true, it will dump queries on current page you are on. If it affects your layout, you can set this to false and be able to view dumped queries on a page available at url In this case, first visit the page you want to see queries of by appending ?querystring_name value there and then visit querydumper/dump route to see quries for your last visited page. Default true.

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This code is published under the MIT License. This means you can do almost anything with it, as long as the copyright notice and the accompanying license file is left intact.