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Simple script to generate htaccess rules for firmware download regulations.
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Freifunk Firmware Upgrade Allow

Simple script to generate htaccess rules for firmware download regulations.

A spanning tree is calculated on the, hopglass provided, network graph, rooting in given start nodes. Nodes are whitelisted for firmware download by applied whitelist mechanism.

Example Execution

./ -c config.json -o /path/to/sysupgrade/.htaccess miauEnforce -d 1 2018.1.4~ngly-606


See ''config.json.example''.

Available whitelist mechanisms


miauEnforce [--min-distance/-d <distance>] <firmware-version>   

A mechanism meant to verify miau enforced firmware deployment. Only nodes that are direct neighbors of the starting node or have the targeted firmware version are whitelisted. Hence all nodes not in direct neighborhood of the starting nodes are forced to use miaus proxy mechanism.



A mechanism meant to deploy mesh breaking technology changes. Only the leafs of the spanning tree are allowed to download firmware, which will remove them from the mesh network, but leaving any not upgraded node in the spanning tree.


A simple logging parser and reader. Is able to parse a special log output format, only. We, Freifunk Kiel, have the following format option in our Apache 2.4 configuration:

LogFormat "%h \"%r\" %>s %b" firmware
  CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/firmware.log firmware
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