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A Beginner's Guide to Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn
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This is the repo for my "A Beginner's Guide to Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn" talk, given at the PyData NYC 2013 conference and the PyTennessee 2014 conference. It's more comprehensive than the material in my talk. You can find a video of my talk from the PyData conference here, and you can find the slides here


Scikit-learn is one of the most well-known machine learning Python modules. But how does it work, and what, for that matter, is machine learning? This talk gives a beginner-level overview of how machine learning can be useful, important machine learning concepts such as supervised and unsupervised learning, and how to implement them with scikit-learn using real world data.

The main notebook for the presentation can be found here:

Other materials you may find helpful:

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