Easy Modal for bootstrap, is a simple way to create modal dialogs using javascript.
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eModal is a Easy way to manage modal dialogs using bootstrap.

Current Version


Quick Start

  1. Link to eModal.js <script src="//rawgit.com/saribe/eModal/master/dist/eModal.min.js"></script>

  2. use eModal to display a modal for alert, ajax, prompt, confirm or iframe

     // Display an alert modal with default title (Attention)
     eModal.alert('You shall not pass!');

Other Options

// Display a confirm modal, with custom title.
eModal.confirm('Do you really want to pass?', 'Question from Gandalf')
      .then(confirmCallback, optionalCancelCallback);

// Display a ajax modal, with a title
eModal.ajax('http://mydomail.com/page.html', 'Jobs - Form apply')

// Display an prompt modal, with a title
eModal.prompt('What is the best song ever?', 'Fill the input')

// Display an modal whith iframe inside, with a title
eModal.iframe('http://saribe.github.io/toastr8/', 'Hot news')

// eModal default settings with your custom html loading template
    loadingHtml: '<span class="fa fa-circle-o-notch fa-spin fa-3x text-primary"></span><h4>Loading</h4>',

Breaking changes

The callback argument for prompt, confirm, ajax and iframe, now are provided in then function.

 V 1.1.X
        .confirm(question, title, function(trueOrFalse) { trueOrFalse ? doTrue() : doFalse(); });

V 1.2.X
        .confirm(question, title)
        .then(doTrue, doFalse);

Demo and documentation


Copyright © 2014-2015


Under MIT license - http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php