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flasuck sucks all buffered flash media stored in your computer's memory buffer. First buffer / load any flash media in web browser then run this script to suck all of them to your desired place, no need to re-download :D


Works with latest version of Flash Player plugin, Be sure you have latest version of your browser and flash player plugin.

Works in both Mac OSX and Linux. No Windows support.


Download the script, make it executable by chmod +x flasuck.py, the run it.

System Wide Install, (one liner)

sudo wget -O /usr/bin/flasuck https://github.com/sarim/flasuck/raw/master/flasuck ; sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/flasuck

now u can run it normally by calling flasuck from anywhere.

$ flasuck --help

Usage :

flasuck [option] [DestDir]

Options and arguments :


help : Show this help screen and exit

DestDir : Write file into DestDir, must be a valid directory. Will select pwd when not provided


$ flasuck 
Darwin kernel detected :) 
Scan Started
copying to => /Users/sarimkhan/testtmp/1T0AZP_1.flv :) 
copying to => /Users/sarimkhan/testtmp/RETLTA_1.mp4 :) 

Finished Copying 2 File(s)

flasuck - Flash Media Sucker (c) 2012 by Sarim Khan