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Avro phonetic for Linux in IBus

Avro phonetic implementation for Linux in IBus.


On Ubuntu, and on Debian's testing and unstable releases, Avro phonetic is distributed through the ibus-avro package. To install it, simply do:

sudo apt install ibus-avro

On other Linux distros you can install the dependencies and build/install using the source code in this repository.

  1. Open terminal/package manager and install following packages:


    For e.g. Debian 10 "buster"

    As root, do:

     apt install git libibus-1.0-dev automake autoconf make gjs ibus

    For other linux distributions

    You'll need all related build tools like automake, autoconf etc... and to run it you need ibus and gjs. Use the list of packages above as guidance, but please note that some packages may have other names.

  2. Now give the following commands step-by-step:

     git clone git://
     cd ibus-avro
     aclocal && autoconf && automake --add-missing
     ./configure --prefix=/usr
     sudo make install


  1. Run IBus (Applications -> System Tools -> IBus) from Dash
  2. Open IBus Preferences from the top panel icon
  3. Go to Input method
  4. Select an input method -> Bengali -> Avro
  5. Now Click Add button to add Avro to the list
  6. Now restart IBus from the top panel icon (Right Click -> Restart)
  7. Now Press Ctrl+Space to toggle between English and Avro (Bengali)
  8. Enjoy Avro Phonetic!


IBus Engine by Sarim Khan

Avro JavaScript Phonetic Library by Rifat Nabi

Avro Phonetic Dictionary Search Library by Mehdi Hasan Khan

Licensed under Mozilla Public License 2.0 ("MPL"), an open source/free software license.