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Can Not Use AVRO in UBUNTU 12.10 #37

syfulsharif opened this Issue · 10 comments

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I used to use ibus-avro in 12.04 LTS but after upgrading to 12.10 I can't use avro anylonger. I am just helpless without avro. Please help me with a prompt solution .

_ Syful Sharif


I am also having the same problem. Ibus avro was working in 12.04 but it's not working in 12.10 now. I have reported that issue also.


this happened due to a removed dependency in 12.10. actually we use obs for building package but obs haven't added ubuntu 12.10 yet i couldn't release a package for 12.10.
Meanwhile, you can try compiling the ibus-avro. the instructions are in the readme. :)


@sarim even if I tried to install it from source package I have to install the package "gir1.2-gjsdbus-1.0". But problem is I could not install the package. Can I install it without using above mentioned package.


ignore the "gir1.2-gjsdbus-1.0". install the other dependencies and try again :)


Thanks @sarim, I have installed from source without "gir1.2-gjsdbus-1.0" and it worked.


thanks a lot Sarim Vaiya !! Finally its been fixed and running good :)


@kashemali the deb package needs "gir1.2-gjsdbus-1.0". I tried but failed.
It can be done by compiling it from the source. Some dependency had to be installed though. Works fine for me.


It is fixed now. follow this instruction from beginning.

@sarim sarim closed this

@shaquille19 why not you update your system?

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