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2 parents cacd90e + 8e9abcf commit 42452921caa50af9f3c3320e56a0b5324aadb1ee @sarken committed Jul 9, 2012
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  1. +29 −20 app/views/feedbacks/new.html.erb
  2. +15 −1 public/stylesheets/site/2.0/16-zone-system.css
@@ -2,24 +2,32 @@
<h2 class="heading"><%= ts('Support and Feedback') %></h2>
-<h3 class="heading"><%= ts("We love to hear from our users! If you'd like to ask for help, make a suggestion, or give us feedback, please use this form.") %></h3>
+<h4 class="landmark heading"><%= ts("Reference Links") %></h4>
+ <ul class="navigation actions" role="navigation">
+ <li><%= link_to ts("FAQ Index"), archive_faqs_path %></li>
+ <li><%= link_to ts("Tutorials"), admin_posts_path(:tag => 5) %></li>
+ <li><%= link_to ts("Release Notes"), admin_posts_path(:tag => 1) %></li>
+ <li><%= link_to ts("Known Issues"), known_issues_path %></li>
+ </ul>
-<p><%= ts("For live updates on Archive performance, please check out our Twitter feed:") %> <a href="">@AO3_status</a>.</p>
+<h3 class="heading"><%= ts("We love to hear from our users! Tell us about your experience - good, bad, or broken - using our site!") %></h3>
-<p><%= ts("We're still in our beta phase, so there are lots of improvements and") %> <a href="" title="Archive Roadmap">new features planned</a>. <%= ts("Please do use this form to let us know about your experience of using the site - good and bad.
- If you'd like a reply, make sure you include your email address, but anonymous feedback is welcomed as well.") %></p>
-<p><%= ts("When reporting an issue, please remember that more info is always welcome. Let us know what error pages/messages you're seeing. Include links if applicable!") %></p>
-<p><%= ts("If you're looking for help, you can find answers to many common questions in our") %> <%= link_to ts("FAQ section"), archive_faqs_path %></p>
-<p><%= ts("You may also want to check out our") %> <%= link_to ts("Known Issues"), known_issues_path %>.</p>
+<p><%= ts("We're still in our beta phase of development, so there are ") %> <a href=""> <%= ts("lots of bugs to be fixed") %> </a> <%= ts(" and ") %> <a href=""> <%= ts("new features to be considered") %></a><%= ts(". For live updates on Archive performance, please check out our Twitter feed:") %> <a href="">@AO3_status</a> <%= ts(". Please use this form to let us know about your experience while using the site - good and bad! This form is for questions about the Archive and the OTW. Questions for authors should be left on their works. If you have technical issues with this page, please use ") %><a href=""><%= ts("the back-up form.") %></a></p>
<%= form_for(@feedback, :html => {:class => "post feedback"}) do |f| %>
+ <legend><%= ts("Contact Information") %></legend>
+ <p class="notice"><%= ts("We value anonymous feedback, but if you'd like a personal reply to your question or comment, we need your email address to contact you. Our spam filter does collect IP addresses, but we never see them.") %></p>
+ <dl>
+ <dt><%= f.label :email, ts("Your email (optional)") %>:</dt>
+ <dd><%= f.text_field :email, :size => 60 %></dd>
+ </dl>
+ </fieldset>
+ <fieldset>
<legend><%= ts('Describe Your Feedback') %></legend>
- <dt><%= f.label :category, ts("Please select a category") %>:</dt>
+ <dt class="required"><%= f.label :category, ts("What is your feedback about") %>:</dt>
<%="category", [
[Feedback::BUGS_BUG_NAME, Feedback::BUGS_BUG],
@@ -30,27 +38,28 @@
[Feedback::BUGS_TAGS_NAME, Feedback::BUGS_TAGS] ],
:selected => Feedback::BUGS_MISC) %>
- <dt><%= f.label :summary, "Brief summary (required):" %></dt>
+ <dt class="required"><%= f.label :summary, "Brief summary (required)" %>: </dt>
<%= f.text_field :summary, :size => 60, :class => "observe_textlength" %>
<%= generate_countdown_html("feedback_summary", ArchiveConfig.FEEDBACK_SUMMARY_MAX) %>
- <%= live_validation_for_field('feedback_summary', :failureMessage => 'Please enter a brief summary of your message') %>
+ <%= live_validation_for_field('feedback_summary', :failureMessage => ts("Please enter a brief summary of your message")) %>
- <dt><%= f.label :comment, ts("Your comment (required)") %>:</dt>
+ <dt class="required"><%= f.label :comment, ts("Your comment (required)") %>:
+ </dt>
<%= f.text_area :comment, :cols => 60 %>
- <p><%= live_validation_for_field('feedback_comment', :failureMessage => 'Please enter your message') %></p>
+ <p class="footnote"><%= ts("Please be as specific as possible, including error messages and/or links") %></p>
+ <p><%= live_validation_for_field('feedback_comment', :failureMessage => ts("Please enter your feedback")) %></p>
- <dt><%= f.label :email, ts("Your email (optional)") %>:</dt>
- <dd><%= f.text_field :email, :size => 60 %></dd>
- <legend><%= ts('Send Feedback') %></legend>
+ <legend><%= ts('Send Your Feedback') %></legend>
<%= f.hidden_field :user_agent, :value => request.env["HTTP_USER_AGENT"] %>
<%= f.hidden_field :ip_address, :value => request.remote_ip %>
- <p class="submit actions"><%= f.submit ts("Send feedback") %></p>
+ <p class="submit actions"><%= f.submit ts("Send") %></p>
-<% end %>
+<% end %>
@@ -104,4 +104,18 @@ admin role is only admin facing, and changes normal views in role-admin.css*/
-/*END== */
+.feedbacks h3 {
+ clear: right;
+ padding-top: 1.929em;
+.feedbacks form {
+ margin-top: 1.929em;
+.feedbacks form .notice {
+ margin: 0.643em;
+/*END== */

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