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Alexandria Quality of Life Indicators

AQOLI ERD.jpg => diagram of data warehouse design, based on star schema

warehouse_script.sql => sample code to generate data warehouse in SQL-based RDBMS (syntax for PostgreSQL)

/data directory contains individual and bundled indicator files, in CSV format with consistent column headers:

  • all_annual_indic.csv => All annual indicators
  • all_indic.csv => All annual and monthly indicators
  • ind2_1_income_housing.csv => Data for indicator 2.1--housing costs as a percentage of income
  • and similar for the rest of the indicators in themes 2 through 11 (no data available yet for indicators in theme 1)
  • theme2_annual_indic.csv => All annual indicators for theme 2 (Basic Needs)
  • theme2_monthly_indic.csv => All monthly indicators for theme 2
  • theme4_annual_indic.csv - theme11_annual_indic.csv => All indicators for themes 4 through 11 (Theme 3 only has one indicator, contained in ind3_1_youthencourage.csv)

/data/metadata directory contains Excel metadata files describing the bundled indicator files:

  • AQOLI_indicator_metadata.xls => Metadata file for all_indic.csv
  • theme2_annual_metadata.xls => Metadata file for theme2_annual_indic.csv
  • theme2_monthly_metadata.xls => Metadata file for theme2_monthly_indic.csv
  • theme3_metadata.xls - theme11_metadata.xls => Metadata files for each theme's indicators


Alexandria Quality of Life Indicators



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