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Example's react-native-easycontent-loader

Provide a placeholder at the place which need waiting for loading, Easy to implement and fun to use, this package is highly customizable, Please go through docs to find info :).

I tried to move this package to @sarmad1995/react-native-content-loader, but seems like people are using this version a lot, so I will be maintaining this version from now, @sarmad1995/react-native-content-loader also has all the features.


  • ⚙️ Customizable: Feel free to change the colors, speed, sizes, paragraphs, title and much more.
  • ⚛️ Lightweight: Lightweight with only neccessory code.
  • 🎉 Typescript: Fully typed


Getting Started

npm install react-native-easy-content-loader --save
yarn add react-native-easy-content-loader


Simple Example

<ContentLoader active />

With Avatar

<ContentLoader active avatar />

With Loading State

<ContentLoader active avatar loading={this.state.loading}>
  <Text>This would be rendered with loading is false</Text>

Number of paragraphs

<ContentLoader active avatar pRows={4} />

Different Widths for differnt paragrahs lines

<ContentLoader active avatar pRows={4} pWidth={["100%", 200, "25%", 45]} />

Facebook and Instagram Style

These are also flexible and customizable

Facebook loader Instagram loader
Facebook Style Instagram Style
import { FacebookLoader, InstagramLoader } from 'react-native-easy-content-loader';

<FacebookLoader active />

<InstagramLoader active />

Bullets Style

<Bullets active listSize={10} />

Bullets Style

Default Style

It is highly customizable, please refer the options sections.

import ContentLoader from "react-native-easy-content-loader";
  pHeight={[100, 30, 20]}
  pWidth={[100, 70, 100]}
Added custom heights and widths Same with other loaders

Some more examples,

<FacebookLoader pHeight={[20, 10]} />
<ContentLoader reverse avatar pRows={5} pHeight={[40, 30, 20]} />
<ContentLoader active listSize={10} />
Default Loader Colored
ContentLoader Style ContentLoader Style


import ContentLoader, {
} from "react-native-easy-content-loader";
<ContentLoader active />


These Options are common with every component,

primaryColor?: string, rgba/hex

Defaults to rgba(220, 220, 220, 1).

secondaryColor? string, rgba/hex

Defaults to rgba(200, 200, 200, 1).

animationDuration? number

Defaults to 500. The animation transition time from primaryColor to secondaryColor

loading?: bool | null

Defaults to null, If given a bool value, when false, it will return children (Works as a wrapper component)

active? bool

Defaults to false, true if you want to animate the compoennt.

title? bool

Defaults to true. If you want to show the title, Works only with ContentLoader.

titleStyles? object

Add styles to title.

listSize? number

Defaults to 1. If you want to render a list of loaders, Works with all the loaders.

avatar? bool

Defaults to false. If you want to render the avatar.

aShape? string 'circle' | 'square'

Defaults to circle. shape of the avatar, can be circle or square.

aSize? string 'default' 'small' 'large' | number

Defaults to default. can be a specific number.

reverse? bool

Defaults to false. if you want to reverse the view.

containerStyles? object

If you want to add style to container.

Title specific options.

tHeight? string | number

Used to change the title height.

tWidth? stirng | number

Used to change the title width.

sTHeight? string | number

Used to change the secondary title height Works with only Facebook and Instagram.

sTWidth? string | number

Used to change the secondary title width Works with only Facebook and Instagram.

titleStyles? object

Add styles to title.

secondaryTitleStyles? object

Add styles to secondaryTitle. Works with only Facebook and Instagram.

Paragraph specific options.

pHeight? string | number | array

Paragraph line height, Can specify same height with single value, Or could use array for different heights, eg ['100%', 200, 300], you can use pHeight and pWidth to achieve different shapes as well,

pWidth? string | number | array

Paragraph line width, Can specify same width with single value, Or could use array for different widths, eg ['100%', 200, 300]

paragraphStyles? objecct

Add paragraph styles

Instagram specific options.

imageHeight? number

Change the height of the image

imageStyles? number

Add styles to image

Release History



Feel free to contribute, this is still in beta and I have plans to include more features in future :)


A light weight and customisable content loader for react native apps, will work both on expo and init projects.




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