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Neo4j fulltext indexing enhancements

Travis CI status

This project provides enhancements to Neo4j's fulltext indexing capabilities. Fulltext indexes are legacy indexes configured with a specific analyzer.

Lucene features language specific analyzers, e.g. for German, English, etc. To integrate them with Neo4j we need to wrap them since they do not provide a default no-arg constructor which is expected by Neo4j.

To use this extension:

Optionally this project features a Neo4j unmanaged extension to run regex queries on a manual index. To activate this, set in your ´`


By sending an http GET to http://localhost:7474/fti/// you get back a list of node ids matching your query.

populating indexes

To populate a index being setup via fullTextIndexes, send a HTTP POST to:

curl -X POST http://localhost:7474/fti/populate/<indexName>?label=<label>&properties=<property1>&properties=<property2>&batchSize=20000

label is the name of the label to be indexed, properties are the property keys to be put into the fulltext index and the optional parameter batchSize is the size of the transaction defaulting to 10000 ops. For every 100000 index ops a line is printed in data/log/console.log.