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Change Log

gwocss 2.2.4_pre20150922 (2015-09-22)

Full Changelog

Another autotools update to cleanup the build and optimize for proper gfortran flags (-std and IEEE math) and shared executable. Builds and runs cleanly with latest gcc/gfortran 4.9.3 but the source code still needs plenty of cleanup to bring it out of the F77 dark ages, and the output grid results have an occasional minor rounding difference on x86 (currently under investigation).

Historical changelog information

2.2.3-r1 (2014-07-15)

Full Changelog

Updated build configuration for newer autotools and gcc; mostly changes to compiler flags and autotools *.ac files to clean up and simplify the build process.

2.2.3 (2009-04-26)

Initial release of WOCSS under GPL with basic autoconf/automake setup. Although the included license files are GPL v2, this should now be considered to be covered under the GPL Version 3.

Data ingest, model configuration and localization, and choice of output grids are left up to you (the user). The example data sets are provided so you can check the results of the build on your own machines/architectures. More reference documents on WOCSS are listed in the overview document and on the original (primary) developer's CV page and via Google, etc. An additional package of references will be available in the near future. See the README file for more info.