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Open Source IDE plugin for distributed collaborative software development
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drawing Saros - Distributed Party Programming

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Saros is an Open Source plugin for connecting multiple IDEs for distributed collaborative software development.

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  • All participants get an identical local copy of the projects they work on.
  • Each can work in their usual IDE.
  • Saros keeps their copies in sync, so everyone can work completely concurrently and in real-time.

Installation instructions


IntelliJ alpha release

Please read the details about restrictions first, because Saros for IntelliJ is still an alpha release!

  • Search for "Saros" in the JetBrains Plugin Repository (this requires the alpha release channel; more information on this is given on the installation page)
  • Or Download the plugin zip from our release page

How to use Saros

Instructions on how to use Saros can be found on our website.

Where to get help

If you are having issues with Saros, you can have a look at our documentation or ask a question

Reporting a bug

We are using Github issues as our bug/issue tracker. To report an bug/issue, just create a new issue (if it does not already exist). Please make sure to adhere to the guidelines provided by the issue templates.

Contributing to Saros

If you are interested in contributing to the Saros project or have questions on a more technical level, you can have a look at our contribution documentation or directly talk to us on

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