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Arcade game

Table of Contents


Welcome to the Arcade Ga,e repository! This game is a project in the Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree from Udacity. The task was to implement the game with the provided assets.

Getting started

To get started, first download the repository, open index.html and the game will load, ready to play!

How To Play

On the board, there is water on one end of the board. You start off on the other side. The objective of the game is to reach the water as many times as you can. Each time you reach the water, your character will go back to the begin and your wins will go up! Sounds easy, right?

Water Water Water Water Water

Oh, I forgot to add that there are enemies lurking around to stop you! Touch one of these bad-boys and your wins will reset :(


See how many times you can reach the water. Try and beat your own high score as well!

You also get to choose your own character, so feel free to pick your favourite one. :D

Boy Cat Girl Horn Girl Pink Girl Princess Girl

If you're getting too comfortable with the game, why not try the extra challenge of collecting these awesome gems?! See how many you can collect without running into the enemy ;)



How do I change character?

Just click on the desired character and it'll instantly change for you.

Will changing character affect the game?

Nope! You can change your character whenever you feel like it.

Where are the gems positioned?

They are placed in a random position on the board.

What happens if I collect a gem?

It'll disappear and a new one will appear in another random position!


Feel free to submit pull requests.

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