PhotoViewer Cordova Plugin
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Photo Viewer

This plugin is intended to show a picture from an URL into a Photo Viewer with zoom features.

How to Install


cordova plugin add com-sarriaroman-photoviewer

Ionic 2:

$ ionic cordova plugin add com-sarriaroman-photoviewer
$ npm install --save @ionic-native/photo-viewer


Out of the box


Out of the box


Show an image'', 'Optional Title');

Optionally you can pass third parameter option as object.


  • share: Option is used to hide and show the share option.
  • closeBtn: Option for close button visibility when share false [ONLY FOR iOS]
  • copyToReference: If you need to copy image to reference before show then set it true [ONLY FOR iOS]
var options = {
    share: true, // default is false
    closeButton: false, // default is true
    copyToReference: true // default is false
};'', 'Optional Title', options);


(1.0.2) Removed Podfile and the dependency

  • Removing project dependencies.
  • Moving to Gradle
  • Adding Square's Picasso as Image Loader
  • New Optional Title
  • Share button and title bar
  • Automatic close on error.
  • Support for content:// Uris from Cordova
  • Replaced old namespace
  • Published to NPM


  • Fix for sharing due to online restriction


  • Fix issues on iOS
  • iOS title not updating


  • Issue fixes


  • Base64 Support on Android


  • Option to hide and show share button on Android


  • Fix OOM issues on Android


  • Fix how image is shown on Android


  • Additional options added for iOS
  • Fix share issue with SDK version 24 or above on Android