With this simple API you can simply call GraphViz's dot from your Java programs.
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GraphViz Java API

Author:     Laszlo Szathmary (jabba.laci@gmail.com)
Date:       2003--2014
License:    GPL 2 or Apache 2

Home page:  ...
GitHub:     https://github.com/jabbalaci/graphviz-java-api

With this Java class you can simply call dot from your Java programs. 
It is made to facilitate the usage of GraphViz [1] in your Java programs.

[1] http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/graphviz/download.html

Check out the file Proba.java to see how to use this simple API.

0.6     Nov. 28, 2013   Representation type can be specified (dot, neato, fdp, sfdp, twopi, circo)
                        (patch of Olivier Duplouy)
0.5.1   Mar. 18, 2013   Mac support (patch of Juan Hoyos)
0.5     Apr. 24, 2012   OS detection, start subgraph, read config file
                        (patch of Abdur Rahman) 
0.4.5   Apr. 16, 2011   Image dpi can be changed (patch of Peter Mueller).
        Apr. 10, 2011   Moving to GitHub.
0.4     Feb. 5, 2011    Patch of Keheliya Gallaba is added. Now you can 
                        specify the type of the output file: 
                        gif, dot, fig, pdf, ps, svg, png, etc.
0.3     Nov. 29, 2010   Windows support (only took 7 years :)) 
                        + ability to read DOT source from a file
0.2     July 22, 2010   simple bug fix
0.1     Dec. 4, 2003    first release

Thanks to these people for their contributions: 

Mike Chenault
Keheliya Gallaba
Peter Mueller
Abdur Rahman
Juan Hoyos
Olivier Duplouy