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This simple python scripts creates reports for accounting in EU - including VAT etc.
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This simple python scripts helps you to make reports for EU accounting from Android Market reports. What it can do:

Update Nov 2012:
- bugfix to correctly calculate according to new reports format

Update Nov 2011:
- bugfix, script filed on Korean currency processing

- count with VAT and without VAT sales for every app
- count, how much you should pay for VAT
- works with conversion rates provided by google in report, convert everything to your main Google Checkout currency

Output is in CSV, written to standard output. Has some fragments from older version, so that not everything is used :-) (will clean up it later).


- open and add your apps there. It is simple AndroidMarket bundle id / your app name key value hash.

Run the script with one parameter - CSV file downloaded from Android Market sales reports.

NOTE - for each app, there are 2 rows - one for sales in countries with VAT, and second in countries WITHOUT VAT.

Send the feeback to, @sarsonj.

Tested on German Google Checout account, with TAXes set to EU VAT taxes and rest of the word set "no taxes".
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