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Changes for MooseX-Role-Parameterized
0.09 Jun 14, 2009
* Give all modules a version number (Sartak)
0.08 Jun 14, 2009
* Fix mis-packaging :) (Sartak)
0.07 Jun 14, 2009
* Leave the jules nest for github (Sartak)
* Switch to Module::Install (Sartak)
0.06 May 12, 2009
* Fix long-standing role-role combination bug, reported by several
users (Sartak)
* Documentation improvements (Sartak)
0.05 Apr 24, 2009
* Use replace_constructor in Meta::Parameter's make_immutable (nothingmuch)
* The & prototype hack has been obviated by Moose::Exporter goodness (rafl)
* List examples of MooseX::Role::Parameterized roles (Sartak)
0.04 Jan 30, 2009
* The role block now receives as an argument the consuming class or role.
0.03 Jan 17, 2009
* Parameters now default to read-only, so that you no longer have to specify
the extremely common case of: is => 'ro'
0.02 Dec 9, 2008
* Using keywords outside of the role block is now allowed and handled.
* The role generated by the role block is now composed with its parent role.
This is so you can have unparameterized components to your parameterized
roles, and so that does_role returns true if you ask about the parent
role (instead of the anonymous parameterized role).
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