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" don't add "- Pentadactyl" to the title bar
set titlestring=''
" don't beep at me
javascript dactyl.beep = function() { return false; }
" lots more letters than numbers
set hintkeys='abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
" show hints in uppercase
highlight Hint -append text-transform: uppercase;
highlight Hint -append font-size:11px;font-weight:bold;background:#fff;border:1px solid red;color:#000;font-family:monospace
" hide some contextmenu
style -name contextmenu chrome://* <<EOM
#context-sendpage {
visibility: collapse;
" open Firebug with :firebug
command firebug -nargs=0 -description 'Open Firebug' emenu ツール.Web 開発.Firebug.Firebug を開く
" reactivate `` - can't actually use ` mark since pentadactyl wants letter registers only
noremap gg mpgg
noremap G mpG
map `` `p
" always show the command line so : has less visual jitter
set guioptions+=c
" highlight other instances of search patterns
set hlfind
nmap <leader>/ :nohlfind<CR>
" make <:cookies host> list cookies instead of the weird default of allowing them for the session
set cookies=list
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