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perldoc that works for modules you don't have installed

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    Pod::Cpandoc - perldoc that works for modules you don't have installed

        cpandoc File::Find
            -- shows the documentation of your installed File::Find

        cpandoc Acme::BadExample
            -- works even if you don't have Acme::BadExample installed!

        cpandoc -c Text::Xslate
            -- shows the changelog file for Text::Xslate

        cpandoc -v '$?'
            -- passes everything through to regular perldoc

        cpandoc -m Acme::BadExample | grep system
            -- options are respected even if the module was scraped

        vim `cpandoc -l Web::Scraper`
            -- getting the idea yet?

            -- URLs work too!

    "cpandoc" is a perl script that acts like "perldoc" except that if it
    would have bailed out with "No documentation found for
    "Uninstalled::Module"", it will instead scrape a CPAN index for the
    module's documentation.

    One important feature of "cpandoc" is that it *only* scrapes the live
    index if you do not have the module installed. So if you use "cpandoc"
    on a module you already have installed, then it will just read the
    already-installed documentation. This means that the version of the
    documentation matches up with the version of the code you have. As a
    fringe benefit, "cpandoc" will be fast for modules you've installed. :)

    All this means that you should be able to drop in "cpandoc" in place of
    "perldoc" and have everything keep working. See "SNEAKY INSTALL" for how
    to do this.

    If you set the environment variable "CPANDOC_FETCH" to a true value,
    then we will print a message to STDERR telling you that "cpandoc" is
    going to make a request against the live CPAN index.

            Japanese documentation can be found at
            contributed by @bayashi.

        cpanm Pod::Cpandoc

        then: alias perldoc=cpandoc
        or:   function perldoc () { cpandoc "$@" }

        Now `perldoc Acme::BadExample` works!

    "perldoc" should continue to work for everything that you're used to,
    since "cpandoc" passes all options through to it. "cpandoc" is merely a
    subclass that falls back to scraping a CPAN index when it fails to find
    your queried file in @INC.

    The sneaky install was inspired by <>.




    Shawn M Moore ""

    Copyright 2011-2013 Shawn M Moore.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.

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