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Commits on Mar 12, 2013
  1. @cvan
  2. @ametaireau
  3. @ngokevin
  4. @ngokevin
  5. @ngokevin
  6. @kumar303
Commits on Mar 11, 2013
  1. @andymckay
  2. @mattbasta
  3. @chuckharmston
  4. @ametaireau

    Get data from the global_stats table into monolith

    ametaireau authored
    So we're able to retrieve this from the aggregator.
  5. @cvan

    fix theme test

    cvan authored
  6. @cvan
  7. @cvan

    fix test

    cvan authored
  8. @cvan
  9. @andymckay
  10. @cvan
  11. @clouserw
  12. @cvan

    activity_log_id should not be unsigned (well it should be, but log_ac…

    cvan authored
    …tivity_mkt.activity_log_id is signed :()
  13. @mattbasta
  14. @crankycoder

    bug 848882 - add better CEF settings into metlog client

    crankycoder authored
    this basically adds in the proper defaults for CEF logging
    we also add a hook in for testing zamboni's log_cef call through the
    amo.utils package
  15. @cvan

    Revert "accept slug during theme submission (bug 845537)"

    cvan authored
    This reverts commit ea1812a.
  16. @cvan
  17. @cvan
  18. @cvan
  19. @robhudson
  20. @chuckharmston
  21. @chuckharmston
  22. @mattbasta

    Merge pull request #662 from nickdesaulniers/master

    mattbasta authored
    Updated packaged app installation info with Simulator push to device info
  23. @nickdesaulniers
  24. @andymckay
  25. @chuckharmston
  26. @chuckharmston
  27. @cvan

    Merge pull request #658 from cvan/themes-icon

    cvan authored
    generate theme thumbnails (bug 846088)
  28. @cvan

    Merge pull request #659 from cvan/spanish

    cvan authored
    do not truncate long footer links for good l10n (bug 844456)
Commits on Mar 9, 2013
  1. @ngokevin

    Merge pull request #641 from ngokevin/mobilereviewers

    ngokevin authored
    Bug 839541 - Facelift the mobile reviewer queue page
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