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A featherlite CSS Framework for the web. (Mobile friendly)
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A featherlite mobile friendly CSS framework

This is a work in progress. While the final product is going to be an improvement over what you see today - I can assure you that even with the features available works.

nericss landing page screenshot

The word Neri in Bengali loosely translates to 'without fur'. The original derivative is from 'Nera' which means hairless. Typically, the term is associated with the street dogs that are ubiquitous in Bengal. They are low maintenance, genetically strong and survive on almost anything.

That is precisely what I intend a CSS framework to be. Not that this is. But any derivative works on this should try to follow the same principles.

nericss headings and elements

Having used many similar frameworks in the past, I have come to realise the pain of using bloated stylesheets and JavaScript frameworks. The compatibility issues, the pain of overriding styles and animations - they are a frontend developer's nightmare.

This is why I hope to turn a new leaf and create something that are

  • easy to learn and use
  • very easy to maintain
  • extremely lightweight
  • is based on existing frameworks or uses similar mnemonics (so you don't have to relearn everything from scratch)
  • is free and completely open source
  • looks and feels good

It is important to know what neriCSS is not. It is not a full fledged CSS framework, but a starter framework that gives you the basic tools for you to get started. New features will be added (animations for instance), but my intention is not to be like bulma.

I have used Skeleton as my boilerplate, but there are major changes that are included. For instance, the grid functions pretty differently from that of skeleton.

I will be releasing a full release note and help guides for how to use and customize nerCSS in your projects. But to get started, you can fork this project and check out the index page for the real implementations.

I would love your contributions and criticism for this work. You are free to submit issues and bug fixes as well. Let's work together.

Sarthak Ganguly

The Code Post


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