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πŸ–πŸΌ Controlling 3D object with your hand
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The Hand Trick


We all have our favorite moments from Sci-Fi movies. These moments are extra special for us developers because we can't help but wonder how all the cool sci-fi tricks that we see on the screen could be turned into reality. Whenever I see something like that, my mind immediately jumps into top gear and I start thinking about all the technical possibilities. There's a child-like fascination attached to it that I absolutely love.

I remember watching Iron Man as a teen and being completely amazed by the scene where he interacts with holographic objects in his lab. As I recalled that scene, I got to thinking whether I could create something similar, something that sparked the same kind of joy

Check out the tutorial here


Before running this locally you must have these installed

  • Three.js
  • Handtrack.js

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Sarthak Sharma

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