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Sysrepo Firmware plugin (generic)


This Sysrepo plugin is responsible for upgrading OpenWrt-compatible systems via the sysupgrade using the Sysrepo/YANG datastore configuration.

Development Setup

Setup the development environment using the provided setup-dev-sysrepo scripts. This will build all the necessary components and initialize a sparse OpenWrt filesystem.

Subsequent rebuilds of the plugin may be done by navigating to the plugin source directory and executing:

$ export SYSREPO_DIR=${HOME}/code/sysrepofs
$ cd ${SYSREPO_DIR}/repositories/plugins/firmware-plugin-openwrt

$ rm -rf ./build && mkdir ./build && cd ./build
-- The C compiler identification is GNU 9.3.0
-- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/cc
-- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/cc -- works
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: ${SYSREPO_DIR}/repositories/plugins/firmware-plugin-openwrt/build

$ make && make install
[ 75%] Building C object CMakeFiles/sysrepo-plugin-dt-firmware.dir/src/utils/memory.c.o
[100%] Linking C executable sysrepo-plugin-dt-firmware
[100%] Built target sysrepo-plugin-dt-firmware
[100%] Built target sysrepo-plugin-dt-firmware

$ cd ..

Before using the plugin it is necessary to install relevant YANG modules. For this particular plugin, the following commands need to be invoked:

$ cd ${SYSREPO_DIR}/repositories/plugins/firmware-plugin-openwrt

$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${SYSREPO_DIR}/lib64;${SYSREPO_DIR}/lib"
$ export PATH="${SYSREPO_DIR}/bin:${PATH}"

$ sysrepoctl -i ./yang/ietf-netconf-acm@2018-02-14.yang
$ sysrepoctl -i ./yang/iana-crypt-hash@2014-08-06.yang
$ sysrepoctl -i ./yang/ietf-system@2014-08-06.yang
$ sysrepoctl -i ./yang/router-software@2018-10-22.yang

YANG Overview

The router-software YANG module with the ro-sw prefix inherits and extends the ietf-system YANG module which consists of the following container paths:

  • /ietf-system:system — system group configuration data
  • /ietf-system:system/router-software:software — augment for system configuration data
    • (+) containers: download-policy, upgrade-policy, ...
    • (+) lists: software, ...

The following items are not configurational i.e. they are operational state data:

  • /ietf-system:system-state — system group operational state data
  • /ietf-system:system-state/router-software:* — augments for system operational data
    • (+) leafs: running-software, ...
    • (+) lists: software, ...
  • /ietf-system:system-state/platform/router-software:* — augments for system operational data
    • (+) leafs: software-version, serial-number, ...

This plugin also exposes following items as RPC paths:

  • /ietf-system:system-restart — RPC call for system reboot
  • /ietf-system:system-shutdown — RPC call for system shutdown
  • /router-software:system-reset-restart — RPC call for system reset and restart

Running and Examples

This plugin is installed as the sysrepo-plugin-dt-firmware binary to ${SYSREPO_DIR}/bin/ directory path. Before executing the plugin binary it is necessary to initialize the datastore with appropriate example data:

$ sysrepocfg -f xml -C ./example/router_sysupgrade.xml -d startup -m 'ietf-system'
$ sysrepocfg -f xml -C ./example/router_sysupgrade.xml -d running -m 'ietf-system'

After loading the example simply invoke this binary, making sure that the environment variables are set correctly:

$ sysrepo-plugin-dt-firmware
[INF]: Applying scheduled changes.
[INF]: No scheduled changes.
[INF]: Session 4 (user "...") created.
[INF]: plugin: start session to startup datastore
[INF]: Session 5 (user "...") created.
[INF]: plugin: subscribing to module change
[INF]: plugin: subscribing to get oper items
[INF]: plugin: subscribing to rpc
[INF]: plugin: plugin init done

Output from the plugin is expected; the plugin has been initialized with startup and running datastore contents at ${SYSREPO_DIR}/etc/sysrepo. We can confirm the contents present in Sysrepo by invoking the following command:

$ sysrepocfg -X -d startup -f json -m 'ietf-system'
  "ietf-system:system": {
    "router-software:software": {
      "download-policy": {
        "download-attempts": 32
      "software": [
          "source": "",
          "checksum": {
            "type": "sha-256",
            "value": "ac3dbaa85000103e107c0f353e82de00680ecce0e0495fc4ca6711020100b8ba"
          "preserve-configuration": true

Additionally, this plugin handles various RPC paths. For instance, invoking the following exampleaction will trigger a reboot of the device:

$ sysrepocfg --rpc=./example/reboot.xml -m 'ietf-system'

This action is followed by output on the plugin standard output:

[INF]: Processing "/ietf-system:system-restart" "rpc" event with ID 1 priority 0 (remaining 1 subscribers).
[DBG]: plugin: firmware_rpc_cb: child in 638842
[INF]: Successful processing of "rpc" event with ID 1 priority 0 (remaining 0 subscribers).


Sysrepo firmware plugin for generic OpenWrt






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