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package garage
import mgo ""
// CarRepository contains all the interactions
// with the car collection stored in mongo.
type CarRepository struct {
Session *mgo.Session
// collection returns the car collection.
func (repo *CarRepository) collection() *mgo.Collection {
return repo.Session.DB("dingo_car_api").C("cars")
// FindAll returns all the cars stored in the database.
func (repo *CarRepository) FindAll() ([]*Car, error) {
var cars []*Car
err := repo.collection().Find(nil).All(&cars)
return cars, err
// FindByID retrieves the car with the given id from the database.
func (repo *CarRepository) FindByID(id string) (*Car, error) {
var car *Car
err := repo.collection().FindId(id).One(&car)
return car, err
// Insert inserts a car in the database.
func (repo *CarRepository) Insert(car *Car) error {
return repo.collection().Insert(car)
// Update updates all the caracteristics of a car.
func (repo *CarRepository) Update(car *Car) error {
return repo.collection().UpdateId(car.ID, car)
// Delete removes the car with the given id.
func (repo *CarRepository) Delete(id string) error {
return repo.collection().RemoveId(id)
// IsNotFoundErr returns true if the error concerns a not found document.
func (repo *CarRepository) IsNotFoundErr(err error) bool {
return err == mgo.ErrNotFound
// IsAlreadyExistErr returns true if the error is related
// to the insertion of an already existing document.
func (repo *CarRepository) IsAlreadyExistErr(err error) bool {
return mgo.IsDup(err)