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  • beginning players should get high, universal modifier items. higher level monsters should negate these items
  • players checking into a category for the first time, should always be offered a modifier card for that category (offering them the option to begin leveling up in that category in case they plan to check in to places like that often)
  • ties should go to the player not the monster
  • start players at level 1 in everything
  • give players swimmies item that allows them to escape from any fight

Basic Play (Casual player just starting, no friends in game:

I walk into the Gap and check in. I'm presented with a monster: Graduate student at FIT: Fashionista Level 1. I can fight or run. I don't have any friends in the game, so I'm not sure what call for help would do. I've only checked into a couple of coffee shops so far, but I started with a level 1 in everything, so I'll definitely win this one. I choose to fight, and I win. I get an item. It's a receipt from Mood Fabrics. Well, that doesn't seem to be too useful, but at least my attribute level in Fashionista went up.

Casual player with friends in game:

I'm walking through the park, so I check in. I've been trying to level up in zen. I visit a lot of restaurants, so it would be nice to have a higher level in zen so I could beat those monsters more easily. I've collected three dandelions, but I still need two more to trade in to get another level in zen. I keep hoping I'll get a couple of monsters. That would make this much faster. I check in. Oh, crap. It's a monster, but it's a Park Slope Mom with a double-wide stroller. That's a level 5 yuppie. I'm not a douchebag; I don't check in on the subway... I'm still a level 1 in yuppie, and I'm only a level 1 in hipster. I have a +1 modifier, but that's only 3... I'd need 5. I'd better call for help. Hopefully there's someone nearby who can help me. .... Damn, I guess everyone's busy today. It looks like I lost that battle. I lose all of my junk. Eugh. I guess I'll have to check in to more parks...