Model binding for Backbone.js views
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Documentation, license, packages, etc, everything can be found here:

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About Backbone.ModelBinding

Convention-based, awesome model binding for Backbone.js, inspired by Brad Phelan, Knockout.js data-binding capabilities, and Brandon Satrom's work with Knockout.

This plugin provides a simple, convention based mechanism to create bi-directional binding between your Backbone models and your HTML elements, including form inputs, divs, spans, and so on. Instead of writing the same boiler plate code to read from your form inputs and populate the model attributes, for every input on your form, you can make a single call to Backbone.ModelBinding.bind(myView) and have all of your inputs automatically wired up. Any change you make to a form input will populate a corresponding model attribute for you. The binding is bi-directional, as well. This means that changes to your underlying model will be propagated to your form inputs without having to manually bind to your model's change events.

If you're looking for Knockout.js-style data-bind attributes, for Backbone, then this is the plugin for you. Backbone.ModelBinding provides some very basic support for data-bind attributes, allowing your Backbone model change events to modify nearly any HTML element on your page. Whether it's updating the text of a <div>, or changing the css class of an <img> tag, the data-bind support provides a very powerful and flexible means of creating a very rich user experience.

The upstream project by Derick Bailey was abandoned on 4/22/12. This project is a continuation