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XStream based converter between FIX and FIXML messages

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The goal of this project is to create two way converter – from FIX → FIXML and from FIXML → FIX. On the FIX side I depends on QuickFIX/J solution. On the FIXML side I try to parse schema files and construct proper XML with XStream converters from Codehause.

How It Works

Currently you can easily create new FIX message and convert it to FIXML. I’m still working to implement conversion in opposite direction, i.e. FIXML unmarshalling.

Work In Progress

I have no knownledge and time to test all possible messages, so any help is greatly appreciated. You can find working (more or less) examples in src/examples/java there are also some unit tests in src/test/java directory.


  • Whole unmarshalling stuff
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